International Innocence Initiative has partnered with Network for Good!

April 17, 2023

The International Innocence Initiative proudly announces that its online donation portal is LIVE! We have partnered with "Network for Good," one of the pre-eminent donation processing options for not-for-profit corporations, to process our donations via their "Donor Advised Fund." Network for Good only works with bona fide charitable organizations that have been certified by the Internal Revenue Service under Sec. 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. While we only became eligible upon attaining our 501(c)3 certification, we have been negotiating with "Network for Good" since last year.

Network for Good is also a not-for-profit entity that administers a donor-advised fund and provides fundraising software and services to other not-for-profits. The company has a preeminent reputation in the not-for-profit sector since being founded in 2001 by America Online (AOL), Cisco Systems, and YAHOO!, and has processed over $2.2 billion in donations since its inception. As a donor-advised fund, Network for Good can accept and process donations from every state, which are then delivered to us. Network for Good also provides advice to not-for-profits and assists them in their charitable endeavors. We are excited about teaming with Network for Good and being guided by their sound advice and experience.

Online donations for the International Innocence Initiative previously could be made only via the Guidestar Directory of not-for-profits, but now our website will have a direct donation page as well(both are administered by Network for Good). If you would like to support our charitable efforts defending the innocent, around the world, together - then consider making an online donation. All donations made to the International Innocence Initiative via Network For Good are 100% tax deductible, and an electronic receipt will be provided for your tax records. Remember, together, we can do more!

We fund all our efforts aimed at helping those in need with charitable donations from supporters among the public. Your generosity, therefore, is essential to fulfilling our mission and goal of Defending the Innocent, Around the World, Together.

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