Interested in How You Can Help?

Unable to donate at this time? We understand that not everyone that wants to support our mission can afford to donate.  There are other ways in which you can help make a difference, beyond donating.  Every type of help is greatly appreciated, and just as important to our mission as donations!  Please take a look and see if one of these ways fits your schedule and appeals to you.  Remember, together we can make a difference.

Every Donation Counts   

How About Becoming a Volunteer?
The help of volunteers is critical for any not-for-proft.  We have a variety of openings for volunteers, either to help us fundraise for the mission or to work on legal cases (including as a legal intern) where the International Innocence Initiative is retained to represent real people.  We welcome motivated law students, attorneys, and community members to join our mission and initiative to promote justice by protecting the rights of our clients. The criminal justice system is never perfect, and especially when foreign systems are involved, outsiders or non-citizens are not always granted full access to their rights.  Arrests for unknown crimes or convictions for crimes that were not committed can be devastating for the lives of our clients and their family.  We are indebted to and rely upon hard-working individuals working together with us to effectuate meaningful change in and outside the court of law.  If you have any questions on how you can help, please call or email us today.  

Here are the options we have at this time for volunteers!

Volunteer to help us with the Website or to Fundraise!

$0 (free)

Volunteer to work on cases as part of our Legal Teams !

$0 (free)

Become an Affiliated Lawyer!
(Two Options)

Get Potential Cases/Clients referred to you by the Innocence Initiative
Help by Working on Real Cases (Gain Valuable Legal Experience)
Special Discounts for all Innocence Initiative Functions
Get Acknowledgement for your Contribution
Help us Achieve our Misson to help Innocent People attain Justice
*NOTE: There is no Registration Fee for Attorneys who volunteer and commit to providing "Pro-Bono" (no cost) legal services to clients referred by the Initiative.  The Registration fee is only applicable to Attorneys volunteering and committing to provide legal services to clients referred by the Initiative at a discounted "Reduced Fee" (to be agreed to and negotiated separately with the Initiative).  In exchange for the Registration Fee, those Attorneys will be placed on our "Preferred Referral" list of providers to be considered in instances where Clients of the Initiative do not qualify for "No Cost"("Pro-Bono") representation.

Every gift has a HUGE impact.


A portion of each donation helps pay for the time our team spends preparing for each case.  Typically our cases require both a local attorney in the place of arrest and an attorney from the Initiative.


Donations help pay for food, gas, and lodging for our legal team as they work to help others. Translations, transcripts, and other legal expenses are also paid for by donations


Your gift helps to offset any additional court fees or Expert Witness fees associated with the cases that we take on.


Our team often travels large distances to meet our clients, who may be all over the world. Donations help offset travel costs.

Now is the time to give.

Much of our work is time sensitive. Every gift is immediately put into action in the fight against injustice.
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