A Construction Engineer (54 y/o) Newly Engaged
A woman's naturalized US citizen Fiancee was visiting family in the UK to collect his inheritance from the death of his father (precious metals and currency). Returning home with his inheritance in his luggage, he is detained at Madrid Airport when attempting to check-in for a connecting flight to t...
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An African War Refugee (33 y/o) Single Mother
A survivor of the conflict in her war-torn African homeland, she was granted asylum status. After 8 years, now she is threatened with the prospect of having her asylum status revoked and being deported, over a charge of assaulting a police officer. She had attempted to protect her boyfriend when arm...
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A Travelling Salesman (43 y/o) Father of Three
Father of Three, accused of harassment by another passenger on an airplane while waiting at Brussels Airport during a delay on a connecting air flight returning back to the US from a work trip to Latvia. He is removed from the plane and brought before a judge. He is being prosecuted and pressured to...
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