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Innocence Initiative Directors Elected to  ADC-ICT (The Hague, NL)
December 2023

Partnered with Network for Good as our Payment Portal! (Chicago, IL)
April 2023

 Inclusion on the Prestigious Guidestar List!
(Chicago, IL)
March 2023

 Recognition as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization!
(Chicago, IL)
February 2023

(The Hague, NL)
Dec. 3, 2022

(Miami, FL)
Oct/Nov 2022

Check out Video and Print Media about Some of our prior work!


"Finding Witnesses on the Other Side of the World" (featuring our President, Kurt Kerns)

2017 ICTY Legacy Lecture of Leiden University - "The Story of the Defence Practising before the ICTY" (featuring our Vice-President, Dragan Ivetić)

Print Media

"Persistence Leads to Justice - A Home in the Hague"

Washburn Lawyer, Vol. 57, no. 2 (2022)

"District Judge Van Hampton to Retire"

Hutchinson News (Kansas), November 29, 2018

"De Uitspraak Gaat Leiden tot Meer Spanning" [trans. "The Verdict will lead to more Tension"]

De Grone Amsterdammer (Largest news magazine in the Netherlands), November 29, 2017

"Still 'Very Much Open': Cabo authorities now investigating Untimely Death of Charlotte Woman"

Queen City News (North Carolina), November 17, 2022

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